¡Gracias tierra! means Thank you, Earth! in Spanish. I am excited to share with you the first series of books that teaches how to express gratitude in two different languages. Your child is on their way to mastering basic vocabulary in both Spanish and English. Being able to express gratitude and communicate in multiple languages opens up so many doors and opportunities in life.

Gilda Kupferman, Mrs. Señora

¡Gracias tierra!

I am thrilled to share some amazing ¡Gracias! topics in both Spanish and English! It’s rewarding to know how much gratitude can influence our lives, especially when it comes to themes such as Family, Animals, Planets, Transportation, Pachamama, and more. Plus, it’s just fun to learn new languages and challenge ourselves that way. ¡Gracias!

Gracias tierra by Gilda Kupferman author

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